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Bring school photography
(& your bank account) to life.

MugsyClicks is dedicated to providing kids, parents and schools with the highest quality photography and service. We are looking for top portrait photographers interested in joining our network of professionals.

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Part time season prep

Sept/Oct-photography & sales
Nov/Dec-reshoots, sales & delivery

Sales calls-vacation
Early Spring: Class Photos
Late Spring: Graduation Photos


Individual Photo Sessions generally begin one half hour before school starts and are finished by the end of the school day. In most cases sessions are finished by 1 PM. There is usually a make-up/reshoot session that lasts less than an hour. This is also an income generator.

Class photos generally take 10 minutes each. Production estimates are 6 hours per 300 students.

  • Sibling Photos
  • Senior Portraits
  • Graduation Photos
  • Graduation Group Photos
  • Fund-raising Family Sessions
  • Proms

MugsyCicks offers training, a full marketing program and sales support. Photographers simply interview with the school and if hired, shoot the portraits. We do all the rest – all print production, internet sales, merchant account services, as well as customer service. We will work with you to get and keep those coveted school contracts. This consistent twice-yearly income stream guarantees you money in the bank.

Creative school portraits of children in your very own neighborhood expand your portrait photography marketing reach. MugsyClicks provides you name recognition and consumer marketing information so you can up sell school clients to private sessions.

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