Why MugsyClicks?

Why MugsyClicks?
You are a great photographer with a savvy business sense. You excel at your craft and take pride in your work. Your clients are loyal and say great things about you. So why on earth would you want to photograph under the MugsyClicks Brand? Why not “Linda Russell’s School Portraits” or “Happy School Photography, by Linda Russell” or how about Linda Russell’s “Cheap and Fast Head-shot Taken At Your Child’s School?

MugsyClicks is designed to offer you a clear product differentiation. Think, Banana Republic, The Gap, and Old Navy- same owners different marketing and pricing. Marketing minds and economic gurus recognize that market diversity gains a strong hold on customer loyalty and ability to up sale. They didn’t define themselves as Economy GAP, GAP and More Refined GAP.

Okay, so instead of using my name I’ll just find my own cute economy name. Worked for Linda, why not me?

Great, come up with a clever name- register it, dba, LLC, hire a talented full time designer (I’m clever, maybe I can do that myself-in my spare time) design a second website, create a marketing campaign-email, printed collateral, design new products, research labs, research hosting. Create unique packaging, product lines. Make alliances with other companies. Educate myself to the school photography industry-what exactly ARE service items? Create a portfolio aimed at those services. Devise price lists, sales materials, envelopes, proof sheets. Posters, reminders- etc.

Time to make a portrait. How do I photograph so fast? What is the best selling crop? Shall I print my own packages? I could save money by doing that myself as well. Which online service shall I use? Which lab can print all the service products my schools require? What do I need to know about yearbook companies? How will I handle all those customer service calls during my busy holiday portrait season? This all seems like a lot of work-

Maybe I will just let Lifetouch, or one of those other big companies, keep this billion dollar market and I will keep doing my thing. OR you could work with Mugsyclicks keep the profitable part and share the expenses with other like-minded photographers.

By being a part of MugsyClicks you are a link in a chain that will change school photography. Every beautiful portrait you create will make it possible for another photographer in a different city to do the same. By working together under the same brand we will be able to help our fellow artists crack the 89% market giant. By networking among ourselves we can support, share and encourage each other photographically, as well as business-wise. By combining our resources we grow faster with better service, exemplary packaging, marketing and buying power.

You could do it yourself.   You can even follow the link above to get Marathon Press’ ABC’s to School Photography and learn from the DVD series.  Listen and watch as Chris Wunder shares with you from his years of experience in the traditional school photography market.

Or you can join us and be a part of a community of innovators.   At MugsyClicks we have created a network of successful photographers pocketing profits, while changing an industry.

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