Disruptive Business Model

Disruptive Business Model

Recently, through my business research travels I discovered what most business school majors already know- the concept of a disruptive business model. Being the passionate student of MugsyClicks growth I decided to apply the principals to MugsyClicks to once again see our potential for success. Hurray, once again the business Gods agree with my “eight ball” -“all signs point yes”.

What makes a good disruptive business model
Clayton Christensen’s 6 characteristics to look for.

1 | It enables a larger population of less skilled or less wealthy people to do something more simply and conveniently that could historically be done only by experts or the wealthy.

MugsyClicks offers expensive marketing, customer service and volume lab services to the community photographer. A higher quality portrait product at a volume price to the parent.

2 | It exploits the innovation’s unique attributes in new applications rather than stretching to meet the product or service requirements in the mainstream market.

We are applying products and services that are proven in other aspects of the portrait photography market and applying them to school photography thereby introducing an very new vision of school portraiture.

3 | It disrupts markets that are under-served rather than seeking to disrupt over-served markets.

The current school photography commodity product offers nothing in the way of quality or continuity of local photographer service. We are presently a very unique option.

4 | It reshapes the retailing business model to earn profits in a new way.

Absolutely, in all ways possible.

5 | It facilitates existing patterns of customer behavior rather than assuming a change in customer behavior.

We keep what works and change what doesn’t. Parents are programed to purchase school photos, it is in the Parent DNA package instructions.

6 | It focuses on a specific customer need and builds a brand positioned squarely on that need.

School is a great place to photograph kids. Behind every school portrait is a parent….. etc. We are definitely branded.

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