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What is the process for applying to work with MugsyClicks?

A: Send us an email and tell us about yourself, be sure to include the address of your website.  We are building out the MugsyClicks network slowly and do not need photographers in all cities.  If you prefer you may fill out the Application and we will review both your work and your community before following up with your references.

How Did MugsyClicks start?

A:  MugsyClicks (aka Mugshots School Photography) was founded in 1993 by portrait and wedding photographer Linda Russell.  As MugsyClicks grew it quickly became apparent the school photography industry model of photographing as many heads as as possible was counter intuitive to producing the best images possible.  She envisioned a new kind of school photography company where a local photographer could provide their neighborhood school with the services it required, without burdening themselves with all the production needed to fulfill volume orders.  MugsyClicks highly branded marketing and experience provides schools with the security of working with a large proven company.

Who owns the copyright to the images I might shoot for you?

A:  We do.

Is this contract photography?

A:  No, it is a commission share arrangement.  While MugsyClicks’ marketing and concept will help, ultimately you are the “face” of the photography.  Our intention is to see photographers gain a strong revenue position in their creation fees.  To that end you will also participate in the sales end.  Photographers must be prepared to meet with school photography decision makers and to impress them with their personality as well as the quality of their photography.

What kind of photographers are you looking for?

A:  We look for excellent portrait and wedding photographers who are well networked in their communities.  You must have high energy and a “can do” attitude.

I am a school photographer and I work for a large national company, can I join your network?

A:  If you have a strong portrait portfolio with a variety of poses and environments, are creative in studio and outdoor lighting and meet our requirements we are delighted to have your application.

I fit your profile and am currently photographing in some schools why would I want to work with MugsyClicks?

A: Many photographers prefer working with MugsyClicks because we handle all their pain points and they are able to concentrate on the most profitable aspect of their business.  With us you are free of billing, order processing, website management, customer service, sales tax, all the post-production pain.  Your responsibility is limited to admin meetings, photography, editing and image submission. Many photographers find this a very attractive trade-off.

Can I continue my own photo work and work with you as well?

A: Certainly.  We have no desire to limit your own business.  In fact, we actually have many ways for you to share your private photography work to thousands of parents of school-aged students.   We do ask that you do not accept work that would conflict with your commitment to us and you not work with other school photography companies.  We require that you respect our relationship with the schools and do not attempt to solicit work that would directly compete with our agreements.

Do you hire more than one photographer in a city?

A: In smaller cities we do not, in larger trade areas we like to develop collaborative teams.

What does MugsyClicks do for photographers?

By joining together a network of photographers we are able to operate as one at the lab level which assures volume pricing and services.  This network assures schools that each photographer is carefully screened and agrees to perform their services at the high level of quality that MugsyClicks has established since our beginnings.  We handle all legal, financial, internet services, merchant fees, applicable sales taxes and post production work. We are masters at marketing and customer care.  We free the photographer to concentrate on photography.  MugsyClicks is not a directory or referral service.

Do I have to take the training?

A: Our training program is designed to enable your success.  It assures both of us that you understand what it takes to be successful in applying your talents with the fast pace and numerous demands of school photography.  We need to know you truly understand the nuances as well as the broad strokes before you represent us or we represent you in your neighborhood schools.

How picky are you about choosing photographers?

A:  We are very picky.  Most of our photographers join us via invitation or referral.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.  We prefer email but will be delighted to call you back for a more personal interaction.

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