Are You the Perfect MugsyClicks Photographer?

Do you like meeting new people and helping them solve their photography needs?

A successful MugsyClicks photographer is not afraid to introduce themselves to school administrators, present their photography or share their enthusiasm for photographing kids!

MugsyClicks specialized training, full marketing program and sales support provides the tools you need to become YOUR community school photographer.   Our successes are linked together which means we are both dedicated to the same goal- finding the best schools and producing the finest product possible.

Do you love photographing children with the patience of a parent and the energy of a 5 year old?

Our photographers LOVE photographing kids!  Converting a shy child to a confident one makes our hearts sing!

We will teach you how to get great expressions guaranteed to please parents, kids and schools alike, how to manage a busy photo day and create profitable images.  Your post production is limited to simple editing, numbering confirmation,  and overnight delivery to us.  We do all the rest – print production, internet sales, sales tax,  merchant accounts and customer service.

Do you have the vision and discipline to nurture relationships that provide you with a long term revenue return?

Building a business takes time.  Our tenacious and optimistic photographers know how to dedicate themselves to small steps toward a rewarding long term goal.

We are there to help with our high quality marketing, customer service and exclusive product line- all built into the cost of goods. Low start-up cost and minimized overhead provide you with maximized income for your talent and expertise. Photographer compensation ranges by school size and location, but is often comparable to wedding day photography rates – sometimes even more.

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