Why Train and Work with Us?

MugsyClicks vision of school photography is exciting and innovative.  Our passion for revolutionizing the industry has propelled us from idea to implementation.  Working with MugsyClicks will have you learning from the best!  Why reinvent the wheel when we have already done it!

Want to be the best?  We do.

Working with MugsyClicks means you are committed to improving your craft.  We know you know how to capture a stunning image, otherwise you would not be accepted into our program.  Our training is specific to getting the same stunning results in less than a minute, several hundred times over the course of a morning.  Imagine how this exercise is going to perfect your ability to create portraits in your personal business.  You will learn posing, lighting and expression with the masters!

Establish your reputation.

As a professional, it is important to make sure your clients are getting the best possible products and services.

Volume photography management is a complicated, time consuming and detail-oriented process that requires focused systems.  We have your back.

Data processing, quality prints, fast delivery and customer service are all handled by us.  You focus on creating the best possible portrait; we focus on making sure that portrait gets into the hands of the customer.

Our Leadership

Linda Russell’s talent as a photographer and businesswoman made her one of the Bay Area’s most successful wedding and portrait photographers. Her work has been featured in the Town and Country Wedding Book, “B” for Savvy Bride, Here Comes the Guide, Professional Photographer Magazine, People and Rolling Stone. Her client list includes Carlos Santana, members of the Grateful Dead, Huey Lewis and the News, as well as CD covers for Grammy award winning producer Narada Michael Walden. Her fine art work has been featured in books, greeting cards, calendars and posters.

Jarreau Cross grew up in a photographic family.  He has worked in every aspect of MugsyClicks and brings hundreds of thousands of images worth of experience to our training program. His ability to craft a perfect portrait in minutes has made him the “go to” photographer at CapitalOne/Sam’s Club/Wells Fargo sponsored business events throughout the county.  He is also an expert resource at school sales presentations.

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