Kudos from Photography Team Members

“I teamed up with MugsyClicks over seven years ago.  As a self employed and independent photographer, I was weary of the idea of working with anyone else.  I didn’t want to have anyone telling me how to crop my photos or breathe down my neck with deadlines. Fortunately, what I have experienced has completely turned my attitude around.  My fall is not only filled with my favorite subjects (smiling kids), but the formula of the process is nice change of pace and helps with the discipline I need to run my own portrait business.

I love the community feeling Mugsyclicks brings to me and my customers as well as like minded photographers in the company.  For me, it’s been nothing but a positive experience.  I get to market myself to my target client, I get to take great photos of all the kids in my community, I make revenue that I can filter back into my own business and I belong to a great community of photographers.  The best feeling is running into a happy parent at the grocery store who is thrilled with my photographs and relieved that the blue background is a thing of the past.”

Kate Nagle, Kateskids.com

I started my photography career, with fashion, moved on to special events, portraits and weddings. I would never have considered school photography as a business option: the mechanical aspect of the actual shoot, the never ending production hassles and the depressing ugly results. School pictures not for me….. until I met Linda Russell of Mugsyclicks that is.

She started a school photography company that completely did away with the old, antiquated and fossilized school photography of yore. Starting with happy, relaxed children, a natural beautiful background, happy parents and a first class, efficient production staff, she is revolutionizing the school photo industry.
The photographers Linda mentors will improve their professional skills:better photography (posing, lighting, connecting with the subject etc.) Increased sales through new, effective promotional tools and a fresh team spirit of support and encouragement. Linda is a great teacher and a forward thinker. She has a great sense of humor. I value her knowledge and friendship.

Lawrence LauterbornLauterbornphoto.com

“I had contemplated going out and booking a few small schools on my own, but the way that you have structured your business seems to work well for the photographers that have what it takes”

Gani Pinero, ganipinero.com

“I have been involved with MugsyClicks since it’s inception.

I remember it as a new but strong vision that Linda Russell held in her heart.  Sharing the love of children and the passion for photography and knowing that school photos can be great is one of the main threads that has kept me going.

I am a professional photographer with a “degree” from a highly acclaimed photography school but that is not what matters here. I believe you must  also love what you do in order to be good at what you do.

In working with MugsyClicks it has been an ongoing learning and stepping up to what matters in photography and in commitment to being my best sort of experience.

The MugsyClicks community is committed to bringing heart and soul to the art of photography and creating beautiful, quality photographs of children. Being a part of Mugshots has brought me opportunities to expand my own personal business as well as offer parents something they will always cherish…..photos they love of their kids.

Being a  single parent I appreciate the flexible schedule and financial rewards.

The MugsyClicks team is FUN and BUSY and dedicated to a vision.

I believe life is too short to spend time doing things other than what matters.
For me…kids and photography really matter!!”

Michelle Montalbano, www.MontalbanoPhoto.com

“I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with MugsyClicks School Photography over the past year.  I’m proud of the portraits I’ve created, of the great feedback I’ve gotten about my MugsyClicks work, and of my growing relationships with my area schools.  MugsyClicks has definitely helped me grow as both a business person and a photographer.  I’ve been able to significantly refine my photo technique over the many school shoots, and have also gotten valuable practical insights through training sessions with Linda Russell and through working with other MugsyClicks photographers.  As a business mentor, Linda has encouraged me to set ambitious goals, and to realize them.  I enjoy working with a company that is about empowering independent photographers and that values quality and innovation, and I’m proud to represent Mugsyclicks in Southern California.”

Cam Sanders, CamSanders.com

My career as a photographer was just beginning when my daughter entered Kindergarten.  When her first school pictures arrived home, I could not believe they were the same impersonal, cold portraits that had chronicled my own school days, some 30 years prior.  These outdated,  boring images inspired me, as a parent and photographer,  to look for a more modern approach to school photography, a change that would capture the true essence of my daughter in a portrait.  I found that change in Linda Russell and MugsyClicks.

Working with MugsyClicks has allowed me to provide the schools in my community with that same, much needed change from the school portraits of the past.  The staff at MugsyClicks, and the support they provide,  has allowed me the freedom to create beautiful school portraits.  And Linda, herself, has been a guiding hand when I needed it most.

Kim Hospodar
Kim Hospadar   www.kimhphotography.com

“Linda Russell could keep all of her talent, ideas and success for herself, but it is her warmth, optimism, inspiration, and encouragement for others that really makes Linda strive!

In addition to Linda’s endless knowledge regarding camera equipment, office organization, financial advice, portfolio presentation, business documents, advertising ideas, networking, Linda can offer you her heart! She comforts fears, nourishes dreams, and all the while has you laughing out loud!!

IF you have the energy to succeed, then Linda Russell is your powerhouse!! Linda’s boundless enthusiasm is contagious, and you will walk away enriched at every level!”

Alice G. Patterson
, www.AGPphoto.com

“No testimonial about Linda Russell’s skills as a coach as well as creative and marketing consultant should start without first mentioning that she is a fabulously talented photographer. Linda flat out has an amazing eye and an uncanny feel for the decisive moment. I don’t truly admire a lot of photographers but Linda is one that I do admire greatly.

Linda was instrumental in helping me make major changes in my photo career. With Linda’s help I transitioned from a commercial photo career to one in weddings, portraits and family photography. She introduced me to the world of fine art documentary wedding photography and gave me permission , through her vision and encouragement to shoot weddings with my own eye and style. I also learned how to plan, pace and work. She boosted my confidence and encouraged me to trust my instincts, style and way of seeing. All that and helped me keep an eye on business. She helped me become a better problem solver, negotiator and client service professional.

Linda has an uncanny way of seeing through to a person’s hidden talents and possibilities and giving them the confidence to see them also. I’ve seen her free up and empower numerous artists, photographers as well as non-artists that have gone on to create powerful art and successful businesses.”

Larry Dyer, www.larrydyer.com

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